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1987 ─ Our company started in manufacturing hand tools. Our mission is to keep increasing product added values with reliable quality. We own a total of 45 patents over Taiwan, the U.S., Europe, and Asian countries.
1996 ─ In 1996, we won the International Global Excellence Prize in Taiwan. We design products and develop hand tools to suit ergonomic and have the know-hows to manufacturer plastic materials, moulds, high-carbon steels, and stainless steels.


1996 ─ We have also obtained 45 patents from Taiwan, the U.S., Euro, and other Asian countries. We have devoted our efforts to become a reputed supplier with innovation and reliability.

2002 ─

In 2002, our first subsidiary facility in China has started in operation. We have produced the first handcrafted epoxy resin surfboard. With advanced competitive power and the know-hows of product design and manufacturing, we expanded our water sport production line.


2009 ─

In 2009, we built the first surfboard factory, and introduced evolutional mechanical equipments, such as degi-controlled APS3000.
It can shape boards in the maximum length of 18 feet. We also have multifunctional injection molding machine. It comes with global standard accuracy for shaping and excellent designing ability to help build water sport products.
Zeedsports is established by a group of people who love water sports. We work with well known shapers from Australia, California, France, Hawaii, the U.K., and Taiwan. We have been benefited from their specialized knowledge. We put our efforts to build a deep and long-lasting relationship with these experts. We believe trust and cooperation will lead to our eventual success. Because of their consistent supports and comments, we are able to provide high end products and services to our customers.


2013 ─ Jiujiang Shi Fu Technology Co was formed with unique patented technologies. We use our unique know-hows to produce green system building materials, furniture, and decor boards.  

2014 ─

CCBF in Shanhai, we have done the comprehensive exhibition design for Yun Xiang Jia System Education Co., Ltd education group and won the best platform design award.


2015 ─ ........................




De An industrial area, De An, Jiu Jiang City, Jiang Xi, China.