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Qing Lian Corporation

Qing Lian Industrial Corporation (QLLC) was founded in TaiZhong County, Taiwan since 1984. Starting from nail guns and can compressors manufacturing, QLLC entered Mainland China to invest on garden tools manufacturing in 1994. Our products are sold to the largest retail chain stores in Europe. Qing Lian Group is committed to building a globally integrated enterprise that supplies merchandizes for well-known hyper-markets and importers around the world. We are currently the world's largest manufacturer of garden tools, owning 34% of the market share and growing gradually.

Nowadays, we have expanded our business territory into many other industries like garden tools, auto parts, powder metallurgy, cloud education system, health care, electric vehicles, electronic/engine-powered garden tools, real estate, water sport equipment, construction/remodeling materials and etc. Since the founding date till now, Qing Lian Group has expressed strong management strength, and worked with domestic/overseas partners
for strategic alliance and technical cooperation. We actively exploit the international market and continue constructing a business model of diversification and internationalization, and look forward to enhance our market core competence.
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Liang's Group

Hui Teng, Liang, chairman of Liang's Group in Mexico, currently runs 13 subsidiary companies in Mexico. His shoes manufacturing businesses include PVC air blowing shoes, EVA beach shoes, lady's footwear, and shoe laces; importing businesses includes raw materials for shoes & purses, synthetic fabrics for clothing, oriental foods, and gifts & lamps; and retail businesses include foods, restaurants, coffee diners, chilled beverages (pearl milk tea and etc.), shoe stores, gift shops, toy stores, and real estate. These businesses locate among 5 cities-Leon, Mexico, Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Merida. Chairman Liang employs 1,500 Mexicans, 300 Taiwanese, 3 Chinese, and he is considered to be the boss who hires the most Taiwanese employees in South America.


Zee Group


Zee-Surf is the leading brand and manufacturer of the surfboards industry in the world. We have more than 45 patents from Taiwan, US, Europe and other Asia regions; and our Polyester & Epoxy Technologies are well reputed globally. In 2002, we produced the first handcrafted epoxy surfboards from our affiliated facility in China, this product had spread through United States from coast to coast, as well as Hawaii, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Spain, and other surfing places around the world.
GBM Technology Ltd. was founded in 2013. We are a green system eco-friendly manufacturer specializes on applying our own exclusive patented innovative high-tech composited materials onto recycled building materials, furniture, decorative wall panels and etc.
Zee Group Official Website : zeesurf.com


De An industrial area, De An, Jiu Jiang City, Jiang Xi, China.